Times and details for the Honouring Esther walk 4 and 5 February

The Walk: Thursday and Friday

Join the walk on foot or online: below is a schedule, we invite walkers to join us for all or part of the walk.  If you cant get there, join us online. We will walk from ‘station’ to ‘station’ as in a secular pilgrimage, each station is themed and tells a part of Esther’s story and we hope will open up a related set of conversations and resonances. Join us. If you can come to one of the ‘stations’, walk a section with us, meet us at the end of the day.  If you cant, check in online to our social media feed, especially at the times below.

See route map to check locations

Location approx times live activity/theme
Day 1 Ovelgönne to Winsen
Garden centre at Ovelgönne on part of the site of the slave labour camp 10.00 Bearing Witness
Oldau 11.00 Inheritance
 start of Oldauer Weg track to Ovelgönne 11.30 Justice
Oldauer Weg track 11.50 Slavery
Junction of Oldauer Weg/Bahnofstrasse 12.30 Resistance
Winsen memorial stone 12.45 End of days walk. Reflection.
Further updates will follow on facebook etc  and the blog in the evening

all times are approximate and subject to change.

Day 2 Friday 5 Feb Winsen to Bergen-Belsen Memorial
 memorial stone Winsen 10.00 Opening comments and themse for Day 2
Waller Strasse/Oistingweg 10.45 Indifference
L298 in the forest junction of unnamed track 11.50 Exile
L298 Walle 12.45 Belonging
L298 in the forest 13.20-  Hope
Bergen Belsen Memorial


14.10 Liberation
To include Esthers statement for Anne Frank Center
reading or playing recording of Kadesh.
Further updates will follow on facebook etc  and the blog in the evening

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Exploring connections between landscape, place and people. on foot and online. Working collaboratively and harnessing the participatory potential of social media.
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One Response to Times and details for the Honouring Esther walk 4 and 5 February

  1. Peter Jackson says:

    Dear Lorna and Richard, All the very best for the walk. I shall be thinking of you and wishing I could be with you but it will be some compensation to be able to follow you online. Looking forward to hearing about it when you get back. Peter Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2016 23:44:36 +0000 To: peterjackson25@hotmail.com

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