Honouring Esther Bristol presentation Thursday 25 January

Thursday 25 January City Hall Bristol. 7.30-9.00 pm

Presentation on the Forced Walks project: Honouring Esther. Short films and sounds from the walks in Somerset and Germany retracing the route of a Nazi Death march. Survivor testimony and contemporary resonance. Love. Internationalism. Solidarity.

Talk from artists Richard White and Lorna Brunstein.

Holocaust Memorial Day event hosted by Bristol Hannover Council. All welcome.


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1 Response to Honouring Esther Bristol presentation Thursday 25 January

  1. Peter Jackson says:

    Dear Lorna and Richard,

    I am doomed to missing the events you put on and inevitably I shan’t be able to go to Bristol for your Honouring Esther presentation, We are spending the whole of January in Spain, returning home on 1st February so I have to send my applogies with profound apologies this time. Another reason is that Bristol ismy home town and as you will probably remember, I benefitted from the city’s twinning with Hanover when I was on a job exchange there in 1961. I was so pleased to meet representatives of the twinning committee at the Bath Spa University with you.

    While here I am working on the talk which I am giving in Wheatley on 7th February and am drawing heavily on Esther’s own accounts of her life in the Lodz Ghetto, the Waldeslust camp, Belsen and then her long life in the UK. I want to tell my audience that we must never forget the Holocaust and impress on them how important Esther’s work on this subject throughout her life after reaching this country.

    I do hope the presentation goes well and would love to know how it went.

    With best wishes,



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