Somerset walk details

Back ground information and briefing about Honouring Esther:

The Walk:

The walk is open to all. But please strictly no dogs, there is livestock in the fields.

The walk is over two days on footpaths with some short sections of road walking. Walkers can register for one or both days. A bus service links Bath to Frome via Hinton Charterhouse. The walking will not be a great challenge to regular walkers. There will be several stops each day and an end of walk activity each day:

Tuesday 14 April: Frome to Hinton Charterhouse approx 10 miles

Wednesday 15 April: Hinton Charterhouse to Combe Down approx 5 miles

The intention is that this will be a powerful experience for those taking part and that it will be a shared live experience not only for those physically present but for those who for whatever reason cannot take part on foot.

We will make a stop where the line of the death march intersects the route of the walk and here reflect, listen, read, talk. Subject to funding walkers will be equipped with notebooks, sketchbooks, collecting bags and the loan of a smart device. We hope walkers will record their thoughts, sights and impressions, making use of social networks if possible in order that the walks generate a wide connected community and enabling non walkers to engage live. On the second day of the walk there will be an opportunity to connect with the world wide bearing witness to the liberation of Belsen. The project will be connecting with the Anne Frank Centre in New York. The artists want to fully brief walkers so that they can become actively engaged, this is why all prospective walkers need to register. At the end of the walk walkers will be asked to share/lend/return sketchbooks, note books, items gathered and digital content. This will form the basis of the new work and documentation exhibition at 44AD in July.


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